Moling & Partners Law Firm
Lawyers in Milan and Bolzano

Moling & Partners Law Firm’s professional philosophy is driven by the following fundamental principles: specialisation, professionalism and maximum dedication to the client's matters.

The firm's main fields of activity are: corporate and international trade, banking and finance, bankrupcy and insolvency, employment, real estate, administrative, insurance. The firm operates in both litigation (including arbitration) as well as advisory matters (contracts, consulting, legal opinions, mediation).

Its lawyers are perfectly bilingual (Italian and German) and/or trilingual (Italian, German and English), most of them with previous experience within leading international law firms or qualifications in other EU Jurisdictions.

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Fields of activity

Corporate and international trade law
  • M&A deals (merger, split and aquisition, also by transfer of stock or shares, of a business or part thereof), set up of joint ventures.
  • Advising on all aspects of corporate law, including shareholder and board meetings, as well as  company law, cincluding shareholder and board meetings, as well as intergenerational transfer of family businesses.
  • Advising on drafting of bylaws and deeds of incorporation, with particular expertise on defining and implementing the most appropriate governance structure
  • Corporate Litigation (liability actions against officers and/or directors, actions to challenge shareholders' or directors's decisions, etc.).
  • International and domestic commercial contracts (distribution, franchising, agency and license agreements).
Industrial and competition law
  • Advising on patents and protection of designs and models.
  • Advising on trademarks and patents, including registration and protection of European community and international trademarks.
  • Unfair competition and antitrust law, including litigation and advisory work on misleading and comparative advertising, as well as appropriation of employees.
Employment and Labour Law
  • Assisting businesses in conducting and managing labour disputes in both its transactional and litigation phases.
  • Drafting of employment contracts.
  • Labour law advisory aimed to the establishment of businesses in Italy and abroad.
Banking and Finance
  • Advising on corporate and retail banking contracts.
  • Defining bank's corporate governance and advising on the compliance requirements relating to domestic and European banking regulations.
  • Establishing and managing collateral and personal guarantees, including international bank guarantees.
  • Debt collection, foreclosures and real estate executions.
  • Banking and finance litigation.
Bankrupcy law and restructuring
  • Advising on debt restructuring matters (recovery plans, debt restructuring agreements, agreements with creditors and bankruptcy agreements).
  • Assisting clients on bankrupcy and insolvency proceedings.
  • Corporate and bankrupcy litigation (claw-back actions and liability claims brought by the insolvency's administrators).
  • Cross-border insolvency law.
Administrative law
  • Energy law (including renewables and feed-in tarifs).
  • Public tender litigation and advisory.
  • Public officer's liability litigation.
Real Estate law
  • Sale and Purchase of Real Estate Assets, “Vehicles” and Portfolios
  • Urban planning
  • Real estate and going concern leasing and rental
Insurance law
  • Governance and compliance aspects relating to insurance companies
  • Insurance claims
  • Debt collection
Private clients
  • Inheritance
  • Personal injury
  • Criminal law

International network

Today's world of business requires full service assistance, also internationally. Thanks to the training and experience of our lawyers at leading international law firms, we offer high-end assistance in a number of jurisdictions, benefitting from long-standing international relationships which have been developed over many  years. Particular value is added by the firm's membership of the DIRO law firm Network, a network of independent law fims present in 27 European countries, through which we are able to offer legal assistance through a qualified local partner.



The Firm's lawyers are perfectly bilingual (Italian and German) and/or trilingual (Italian, German and English), most of them with previous experience within leading international law firms or qualifications in other EU Jurisdictions.